Learning Forex with Trendingraphs: broker as consultant

Every successful professional continues learning non-stop. Nowadays, when the new professions and skills appear every day, you cannot stop. Technical progress and ongoing social development create fertile soil for new activities. For example, could you imagine ten years ago that the young lady can make a fortune just posting her pictures on Instagram? If your knowledge is outdated and your brain is rigid, your professional death is just a question of time. The business should also follow the market and stay in trends; otherwise, it dies. Trendingraphs forex broker always follows the market trends and grows together with its environment. This rule works for you, also.

You need to learn a lot to be successful as a foreign exchange market trader. You are lucky because all the knowledge is available, and mostly for free. There is plenty information about the trading on the web. However, you need the field to use your knowledge and to get the practical experience. The best way to learn more in this sphere is to have a reliable broker. Can a trader enter the market of freely convertible currencies without making the most painful mistakes with the help of a broker? Trendingraphs ready to share its knowledge about Forex with its clients.




As it is mentioned before, the world changes and the global financial market changes together with it. Nowadays the individual players can do trading. Before, only big players were allowed. The forex market was a field for national banks, international funds, and other serious financial organizations. The currency exchange was not a business; it was a kind of magic for the big people in the suits. The internet changed the situation, currency exchange moved online, and the forex trading started its boom. Forex market grows 5-15% per year, depending on the global economic situation. So, it is an opportunity to make some money. Forex rules have changed and now private traders got access to trading. But even nowadays, it is hard for an individual to enter this process.

Brokerage is a company that works as a mediator between the international forex market and individual trader. The trader acts as a part of the brokerage. Without a broker, the trader can face different obstacles, starting from the high financial threshold and up to the issues with licensing in different countries. Brokers are used to avoiding such problems and to let the private traders enter the international forex market. Besides, the broker works as a guarantee for you on the market. One of the best-known brokers is Trendingraphs. This reputable broker works on the forex market for several years and it offers to its cients:


  • ·         Registration and access to Forex;
  • ·         Consulting and informational support of the trader;
  • ·         Trading platform for remote access to trading;
  • ·         High leverage;
  • ·         Ability to enter into transactions up to 50 lots and an unlimited number of positions;
  • ·         Referral program Trendingraphs forex;
  • ·         Comfortable service and excellent conditions for trading.

There are two points in this list that are worth for some more words: referral program and consulting support.

The referral program is a particular option that is not available in every broker company. Trendingraphs forex assures that it is not a scam but the legal way to earn more money on the forex. Trendingraphs broker supports its clients in their wish to attract new individual traders. Those traders, who have their popular website or account in a social network, can invite new traders via the referral link. When the new trader transfers money to the deposit and starts trading, the referring partner gets the bonus. The amount of bonus money depends on the new trader’s deposit, and the number of rewards is unlimited. So, the successful referring partner can create an additional source of income popularizing Trendingraphs broker on the Internet.

Consulting and informational support of the trader is another option that Trendingraphs broker. Traditional support helps to use the site to solve the technical issues – for example, to renew the password, and that's all. Trendingraphs forex broker offers an extended type of support - consulting and informational support. It addresses not only the technical but also the strategic issues. Any Trendin graphs broker's client can contact the support team and ask for assistance in the trading. The experienced specialists can explain the forex terms, provide instruction of using MT4, and help to organize the trading activity for the trader's benefit.




The main communication channel between the trader and the brokerage is the personal account. Technically it is just the own page within the brokerage site. However, this page contains all the financial information about the trader: money transfers, deposits, fees and commissions, and so on. Tredingraphs opens an account for its clients on the international financial market. The initial payment (deposit) of the trader is transferred there - it is the amount at the expense of which he will pay for transactions in the auction. A wide choice of the possible types of accounts allows the trader to start without restrictions in the amount of start-up capital. 

Deposit (USD)






Point spread











Deposit - the amount that the trader will spend on his first transaction.

Leverage - the ratio of the size of the deposit to the amount for which the client can buy currency, a kind of loan from Trendingraphs at Forex, intended for the development of the trader. It is impossible to cash these into money, the terms of cooperation exclude a scam that is in relation to Trendingraphs, but the amount for making transactions technically increases 300 times.

Spread - the difference between the purchase and sale price of currency pairs. Broker earns on the spread. Trendingraphs are not scam, spread is a mandatory attribute of brokerage activity, and it brings legal earnings to an intermediary.

Also, Trendingraphs broker provides the trading platform to its clients. The trading platform is the software that allows remote access to the forex market. This is MetaTrader4, which earned the best reviews from Trendingraphs. The company tested this software platform on its own. MetaTrader4, also known as MT4, is the most popular trading platform in the world. It meets all the requirements for information security, and it provides the toolset for successful trading. The trader can find the trading and analytic tools on one platform. No software solution can replace MT4 smoothly and invisibly. So, for now, Trendingraphs broker uses MT4.



According to statistics, most young traders imagine trades as a gamble, something like roulette. They believe successful trading is the result of a lucky chance. So, they reject the analysis and predictions and just try to guess. Sometimes there are lucky, but most of them lose their money. Also, a lot of people successfully play on demo accounts, but they suffer a complete failure on real ones. It means they cannot evaluate the right risk level for every deal. Such traders neglect the broker’s advice and ultimately incur losses. It is the main reason why appear reviews that Trendingraphs is a scam.

It would be incorrect to claim that luck has nothing familiar with the forex market. Sometimes the traders are lucky to open the right transaction at the right time and earn a capital – or, vice versa, to avoid losing the deposit. However, luck is useless and even dangerous if you want to make trading as your primary source of income. It would be best if you made a lot of effort to succeed in the financial market: to study the basic rules and patterns, to develop the ability to self-control and a sober look at what is happening. And one of the essential factors is support at the beginning.

Trendingraphs broker is the right place for a new trader for many reasons, but the main one is the full-scale support. Reasonable service terms and conditions, consulting and informational support, numerous payment systems, reliable software platform – all these and many other options are available for the traders in Trendingraphs broker. Besides, the company provides educational materials, news, and analytical reports for its clients. Do not underestimate the understanding of Trendingraphs broker reviews of the financial market on the processes occurring in the global economy. If the trader keeps the eyes widely open for the recent news, it can help for successful trading.

Sometimes a trader falls into the trap of short-term success without straining to learn the rules of trading. But almost guaranteed victory can end with failure. This can make you think that Trendingraphs is scam. Of course, sometimes traders lose money – there is no trading without a loss. Usually, the reason for losses in such a situation is a banal lack of knowledge and unwillingness to learn. After all, the broker is the first teacher of a novice trader. So, there is no reason to blame the broker: the brokerage company creates the environment for successful trading, but cannot replace the individual trader.

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Try a demo account. It will help you to feel more confident. Besides, if you are fresh new on this market, you can learn the main principles of trading. A demo account is free, and you can use it until you are ready to invest the real money. The main risk of the demo account is the risk level that is different from the real account trading.

Make up your own trading system - a plan of action in various situations. Acting within its framework, a trader follows his own advice. This is the deliberate advice of an intelligent and calm person, and the trader, being "in the market", often experiences strong stress. If a trader adheres to the system and receives a permanent loss, his system needs to be improved. If he trades without a system or often deviates from it, the reasons for his success and failure will be unclear.

Never give your account’s login and password to anyone. MetaTrader4 is famous for its security; it will save the client's account of Trendingraphs from scam, if the client does not give them access to him personally. Do not leave your credentials – login and password – on public computers, for example, in the hotels. Remember that sharing your credentials with the third parties violates the rules of service. So, if you share the information and lose your money, Trendingraphs broker cannot compensate your loss.

Trade reasonably. You will never ‘win all the money’ on Forex. If you play successfully on the stock exchange and you like this occupation, do not immediately place high hopes on trading. Learn by accumulating experience, not “try to win,” because the trading is not a game. Once your interest in Forex runs low, your chances of success will increase. The more risky you play the bigger get chances you will be fed up with it soon. So, keep your head cool from the very beginning.

Remember "Trendingraphs broker scam" it not true, good luck in learning Forex with Trendingraphs broker!


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    These guys (Trendingraphs ) have nice terms, but when I tried to withdraw my earnings second time it took me like a day (a couple of hours first time). Pls fix it or I go elsewhere and expect some bad broker reviews.