Why is it crucial to choose a broker carefully?

Why is it crucial to choose a broker carefully?

Why is it crucial to choose a broker carefully?
John Dou - 02/11/2018


Trading is a difficult occupation that may spring some unpleasant surprises on both beginners and experienced players. Investments efficiency depends not only on tracking and responding to market changes. It’s not less important to protect yourself from shady forex brokers’ cheating risks.

Every year the number of resources that are engaged in trading on the foreign exchange market grows. And every year dozens of them turn out to be frauds. If you are thinking about a career of a trader and want to make money on currency fluctuations, read this article carefully and pay attention to the nuances that we have indicated. Remember: many companies want to get your money and never return it to you, so you should work only with reliable companies that are ready to help you take the first steps in the financial market. Such companies still exist, and although they, unlike scammers, do not promise crazy profits, working with them will bring you much more than, for example, a bank deposit.

Swindlers versus traders: fear of losses worth millions. Can we say, “Key Markets scam?”


It’s difficult to find a good forex broker, like Key Markets forex broker, at the start of the trader career. Swindlers are ready to fling themselves on a would-be “prey” alluring with promises of a huge profit. Some of them, like FXCM, start abusing clients’ confidence over the course of time. In 2016 alone traders losses caused by their actions exceeded 15 billion dollars mark, and they increase every year. The answer to the question “Key Markets scam?” No, Key Markets reviews has gained an excellent reputation


It’s impossible to prevent emerging of a great number of shady brokers – they can easily be anonymous on the Internet, and many deceived clients don’t even lodge official complaints. Financial regulators solve only part of problems, and they by no means always succeed in recovery of losses (as in the case of IBS Capital). Therefore, it’s easier to carry out some preliminary preparations and not to start working with swindlers.

Who are swindler forex brokers, how can they be distinguished and avoided. Key Markets reviews.  

For honest and reliable brokers, like Key Markets forex broker, it’s unacceptable to cheat and make clients suffer losses. But shady brokers can unhesitatingly:

  • embezzle all clients’ money;
  • make deals at non-market prices;
  • trade against “their” traders’ orders;
  • delay money withdrawal for an indefinite period;
  • take huge spreads, commission charges and fees;
  • hinder in efficient managing of deposited money;
  • postpone orders execution until it’s favourable for them;
  • compel to use dubious or useless tools at extra cost;
  • make money withdrawal procedure near-impossible due to excessive checks, confirmations, fees, etc.


If you work with proven brokers, like Key Markets broker, you don’t come across dishonest attitude and trading hindrances.


Forex broker without scam


Often, shady brokers can be distinguished due to offers that are too good to be true:


  • practically immediate huge profit;
  • automatical and hundred-per-cent successful trading systems;
  • big bonuses for the simplest actions.


Some brokers can offer promotions and bonuses, but the best companies attract traders with a high-quality service.


Key Markets scam or a good partner? Reliability criteria

You can exclude lots of swindler companies right at the stage of getting to know. For this, you should pay attention to:


  • Company’s age. If a broker was registered more than a year ago, this usually means that it has already passes the first major step of its development and is ready for further achievements. Age seriously increases the level of trust.
  • Online reviews allow to get an idea of the company’s work. For instance, as in case of Key Markets reviews are one of the best of information sources. Also awards published on brokers’ sites are of interest. They should be checked for “freshness” (they shouldn’t be too old), and issuing organizations – for trustworthiness.
  • If you can’t find detailed and clear information on the broker’s site, it’s not recommended to work with it. It is held that the best candidates for cooperation are resources showing minimal spreads, average spreads and marginal demands for each currency pair. Also, confidence gets higher with distinct information on expenses, company’s actual address and active technical support.


Webpage offers may be interesting and attractive, but they don’t substitute a confirmed registration. But with the help of them you can see with half an eye whether it’s there any use generally in contacting with a broker. There’s no point in starting using resources with:

  • nothing but loose, advertising and inaccurate information;
  • factual and spelling errors;
  • bad, old-dated, or too trite graphics.


Trust your intuition. If you feel that something’s wrong with a site, you should study a broker with more attention. In this case chance of revealing of a swindler is serious.

Sometimes swindlers cunningly disguise as trustworthy companies. They can create attractive sites with useful and right information from other sources. They can even have offices and technical support.

Key Markets forex broker bringing no fear


If the risk of coming across a swindler is so high, who is to entrust your money to in the end? The best solution is a company with working experience, long history, absence of lots of negative comments. It should function only within the legal framework and provide processes transparency.

What Key Markets broker offers:


  • trade optimization programs (including user ones);
  • several grades of startup investments;
  • support of a manager and analysts;
  • immediate deposition and withdrawal of money;
  • user-friendly and fast site;
  • tutorial materials;
  • trade according to daily news;
  • and so on.


Key Markets forex broker which is interested in prosperity and development of clients (thanks to them it achieves and preserves reputation). The company makes every effort to provide fast, convenient and honest trading, without any impairment of clients’ interests. Learn about cooperation conditions and join.

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  1. Mifisto 06.11.2018
    Many times I was going to start learning full-fledged forex trading. In small steps, I began to move to a goal a year ago. At first I mastered demo and micro accounts with various experienced brokers, read books, watched webinars. Began to understand. The first real account was opened three weeks ago with a Key Markets broker at the invitation of a friend. I just had free 250 bucks for the basic package. I thought it was time to learn to take risks. I acted leisurely and very carefully. I “managed” to go into a drawdown and partially merge the deposit. I’m still learning, and sit in the terminal 24/7 for a week. Had to consult with support, they are great. I try different strategies. Still did not deduce anything, but at last I saw the light at the end of the tunnel – here came plus! so the beginning of the year is optimistic. What good can I say about the broker. Fixed spreads, good speed, convenient terminal, 50 currency pairs, you can choose the item to trade. There are no contests and promotions, and there are no webinars here, unfortunately.
    1. Inna 10.11.2018
      I like Key Markets solid foundation for the whole system. It feels that the company is founded by experts in this subject matter, everything is thought out, it works smoothly. Technical support and analytics at the level of at least the second top ten for sure. Consultants respond in detail to all questions about the work, and do not interfere in the account. Very fast ordering. Transactions are not canceled. Average market quotes, in some pairs lower, in some higher. I mainly work with USD / CHF and EUR / USD. Static spreads do not jump into volatility. Quality analytics allows you to make fairly accurate predictions. Not one hundred percent, of course, but quite convincingly in the total mass comes out. With certain skills and experience, you can safely scalp, the system allows. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is easy to use, customizable to your requirements and does not need additional advertising. Someone will be uncomfortable that there is no choice of platforms. There are no tournaments or bonuses either. Maybe in time something new will be added.
      1. Luis 14.11.2018
        Key Markets is worthy of a strong four, it’s a typical middling with not very full of functionality, but an excellent technical side. Plus, sane support and successful analytics. Disconnects for 5 months of work were my fault. I work a lot from the phone on the road, and there were breaks in communication with the operator. There are no complaints to the company in this regard. By the way, I am very pleased that the platform MetaTrader has its own mobile application and you can trade right on the go or from the office. Here static spreads, relatively low, there are no hidden fees. Tactful competent support really helps, but all their lines are often busy. You can also write to the email if there is nothing urgent. It is a pity that there is no online chat.
        1. Enri 26.11.2018
          I have been trading in Key Markets for the proposed analytics for two months. Spreads do not jump, static, not high. The classic of the genre is MetaTrader 4 platform. Flexible settings system and high functionality. No brokerage commission for I / O, 50 key currency pairs, you can trade precious metals, raw materials, food. I’m in a good relationship with tech support, and I have a personal manager. The broker has something like a loyalty program. No tournaments or contests. While everything suits me. There is a real profit.
          1. Zoi 01.12.2018
            I watch reviews regularly. There are some about the Key Markets broker, but they’re rare. Who has already worked with it? Share your opinion.
            1. Falco 05.12.2018
              I’d gladly read about Key Markets too I want to try myself on the financial market, but I’m so afraid yet. If it doesn’t suit you, tell me where to go?
              1. Jinger 11.12.2018
                Don’t you work with Teletrade, no matter what! After they’ve grown enough, they stopped paying any attention to ordinary traders. They only work with VIPs and don’t care about others at all!
                1. Oliver 17.12.2018
                  That year, no luck with one broker. I opened an account with an invitation bonus in honor of their anniversary, but on the spreads leaked both this bonus and my deposit. As the saying goes, I didn’t read the letters in small print at the end of the contract)) Now I’m trading with the new Key Markets broker. I came here, too, by attachment, but from a friend who has been in profit here since summer. The broker generally has no promotions or tournaments. Excellent scheme for earnings, everything is clear and transparent. Leverage 1: 300, low static spreads, mid-market quotes. The terminal can be built for themselves. If you want, you can trade on analytics, if there is no desire you can just put up bots and do other things. The support is competent, but it’s impossible to call through. In the sense of the first time. No demo accounts, webinars. For the basic level, IMHO is not enough tools for an experienced trader, there is also no insurance. But globally everything suits me.
                  1. Gunter 26.12.2018
                    Key Markets broker is young in the market, but, and this is not only my opinion, the company was founded by skilled specialists with many years of experience. Technical support in the course of all trends. I think they trade there in parallel. There is no choice of platforms, except for MetaTrader 4, and and it is obviously time to increase the channels of communication with support, and maybe even expand the staff. The ordering is fast, there is no amount limit for the withdrawal and everything also passes quickly. In general, a clear broker with good prospects. I wish it to develop further.
                    1. Maik 03.01.2019
                      Most recently opened his first real account, six months ago. Did not look through the conditions and get in trouble with my deposit. Changed to another broker. Now I trade with Key Markets and here I have already understood in detail and very carefully. According to the conditions so far satisfied. The spreads are static, so the deposit can not be drained easily. Good analytics, gives a large percentage of hits. I am saving my profit, maybe in the new year I will move to the next package. There are four of them here. But most likely I will withdraw))) the first three times for sure. My respect to support, they work with dignity.
                      1. Shamil 10.01.2019
                        I expected more rapid development from Key Markets broker for the half year that I trade with him. No terminals were added except Metatrader 4, communication with support is still only through email and phone, all the same four tariff packages. And the site is not full. No tournaments, contests, training webinars. It is good that the quality of technical services is still as high. The speed of operations does not change. And in general, all the declared trading conditions remain in place. So I continue to trade and wait for more. As long as I see a growing profit, this is for me the most convincing reason to stay.
                        1. Ronald 19.01.2019
                          Trading with Key Markets broker for a couple of months already. I use local analytics. According to the conditions here are fixed spreads, and if we compare with the market, they are low. There is only one trading platform, it's MetaTrader in the fourth version. I like it. It can be configured, there is a choice of bots and all the features even for a beginner. The broker trades 50 of the most important currency pairs, precious metals, products of consumption and raw materials. There is a friend loyalty program, but I haven't really figured it out yet. No commission on I / O. Polite support, each client has his own personal manager. By the way, there are no tournaments and competitions. But while I'm happy with everything, and most importantly, there is real profit.
                          1. Garry 27.01.2019
                            I had a sad experience last year with one broker. I liked the advertisement, took the invitation bonus for opening an account, started trading, and only then realized where I got. Under the terms of entry with this bonus, the spreads are such that I quickly merged this honey trap and my deposit. This is my fault)))) For the last three months I have been trading with a young broker Key Markets. Well, as young, the company will soon be a year. Here I opened an account by a friend invitation too, but with the recommendation of the person that trades here. A friend has already reached a strong profit since the summer. There are no bonuses and promotions in principle, as well as competitions or contests. The founders have a suitable scheme for sustainable passive earnings, the system works transparently, clearly and stably. Low static spreads, leverage of 1: 300, quotes are not overpriced. Terminal MT 4 is fully customizable. If you have enough experience and time, you can build your strategy on local analytics. Or put forward bots and go do other things while the bots work. The support is competent, but it is very difficult to get through from the first time. At the starting level there are already few tools for an advanced trader. In general, I am satisfied with everything so far.
                            1. Maria 31.01.2019
                              Though Key Markets, a Forex broker, has officially entered the market recently, it already has a certain reputation. And this is not only my opinion that financiers with extensive practical experience in the exchange business participated in the creation of the company. Technical support guys are always aware of the slightest market changes. They surely trade all day. On the technical side, everything is very good, execution of orders is almost instantaneous, input and output are also carried out promptly. For withdrawals there are no restrictions on the amount, except for the volume of the deposit itself, of course. It is a pity that there is only one terminal. I like MetaTrader 4, but I want to have a choice. I hope that the broker plans to develop further, expand the staff and make additional channels of communication with support. In short, IMHO, this is a balanced clear broker with good prospects for the future.
                              1. Kora 02.02.2019
                                Almost six months ago, I decided to open my first real account. By inexperience, I did not understand the conditions and lost the entire deposit. After that, I tried a couple of other brokers for comparison. Now I work with Key Markets. During these six months, I have already understood what to pay attention to. I like everything here so far. Before registering, I studied in detail the information and called to technical support several times. The most important thing for me is static spreads and not inflated quotes. Just completely drain the deposit here will not work Every day an excellent detailed analytics is given. As a result, there is a high percentage of successful operations. I'm going to save profit. I want to build up a depot to go to the next tariff package with more favorable conditions. But maybe I will withdraw, my hands itch to take up the first profit, at least the first couple of times. In total, the broker has four user plans. I also want to note the excellent work of the management team, very competent consultants, respect.
                                1. Alfred 08.02.2019
                                  I hoped to see a faster growth of young broker Key Markets during the 7 months that I am here. Maybe I do not know something, and the company sees its work in this way. But nothing new at all appeared. All the same trading platform Metatrader 4, and no other terminals. All the same four tariff plans. No new support channels have been added. So it remained, email and phone, which is difficult to quickly get through. There is no entertainment content either. No tournaments, no webinars. On the one hand, it is strange and a little pity. On the other hand, it also did not become worse. Perhaps this is even a good indicator of the stability of the company. The technical side is still reliable, the speed of execution is still almost instant. Trading conditions, by the way, also have not changed. And if we put a growing profit on the scales, then it is worth thinking about what is more important. I remain with this broker further. But I will be glad to any profitable innovations.
                                  1. Tolic 13.02.2019
                                    Left Insta Forex 5 months ago due to high spreads. Trained on demos, and decided to try real deals, but the deposit went down the drain. Opened a couple of accounts with other brokers. And now I started working with Key Markets. I came across an article on their behalf in the internet that interested me. As for terms of trading conditions, the spreads here are not high and, most importantly, fixed. Order execution speed is decent, without cliffs, the system does not fail, transactions are not canceled. There is only one terminal, MT 4, but it suits me completely. You can experiment with it. Experienced traders, as well as lovers of risk, work on their strategy. And it's easier for me with bots based on the proposed analytics. Quotes on average correspond to the market, even lower in some pairs. Although I mostly looked at my EUR / USD. I am comfortable working with a team of consultants. The guys are very patient, seriously))) they helped out more than once and gave real advice. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to hang on the line for 7-10 minutes to get through.
                                    1. Sobra 20.02.2019
                                      A brief analysis and my opinion on Forex broker Key Markets. In the pros: stable operation of the whole system, static spreads, quotes not overstated, very fast execution, available basic input threshold, high-quality analytics, competent polite support, prompt entry of any amount without hidden interest, withdrawal without commission as quickly as possible, 50 key currency pairs, a large selection of offers for trade, a convenient trading platform MetaTrader 4. In cons: the lack of demo accounts, entertainment content, training materials and webinars, the presence of only four tariff plans, only one terminal, only two communication channels with support. Now my thoughts. No, this is not a kitchen and no, this is not a scam. The company works on a good practical base of knowledge and experience and is collected IMHO by a group of traders with their own vision and for their own earnings. I think that the broker has a lot of growth prospects.
                                      1. Cristofer 25.02.2019
                                        Started working with broker Key Markets at the end of the summer. During this time, I withdrew $ 300 a couple of times. But this is not my whole income, of course, a lot of things are in the depot))) At first everything seemed too simple. I quickly registered. Documents were not needed. I replenished the bill for $ 400 and immediately began trading. The speed is awesome, without communication breaks, no glitches and bugs, the system works well and without brakes. Sometimes there are requotes, as well as slippages, which can be suppressed due to the convenient settings of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. There are all possibilities for successful scalping. The broker offers 50 key currency pairs and a fairly wide choice of trade items. I was very pleased with the qualified level of technical support, as well as their restraint and tact. When I first-time communicated after registration, I learned that I now have a personal manager to contact at any time. And here it turned out that I would still have to go through the mess with the papers and scans, but right before the first withdrawal. But the manager promised that it would be quick and not scary)))) Unfortunately, the absence of tournaments and contests, which I love so much, added a fly in the ointment. In addition, my manager is not so easy to reach, and there are no other operative channels of communication. And there are no other platforms. Also, I would add a couple of relatively budgetary tariff plans, and new ways of withdrawing. But what is good, there is no commission for I / O. You can quickly withdraw to the card and wallet, or have to wait a bit (up to 2-3 days), if you withdraw to the bank account.
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