How to choose electric toothbrush?

How to choose electric toothbrush?

How to choose electric toothbrush?
John Dou - 2021-01-19

Modern toothbrushes are the most effective home device for combating plaque. At the same time, they allow you to act as accurately as possible without touching the gums.

According to the global research network Cochrane, which includes scientists from more than 130 countries, regular brushing with an electric toothbrush significantly heals the oral cavity. Within a month, the degree of gingivitis (gingivitis) is reduced by 6% without the use of any drugs, the amount of plaque is reduced by 11%. After three months, these figures increase to 11% and 21%, respectively.

On sale today there are three types of electric toothbrushes with bristles (mechanical, sound and ultrasonic) and hydromassage-irrigators, which allow you to clean your teeth and massage the gums with a pulsating stream of water.

Electric toothbrush of mechanical type

In the family of electric brushes is the most traditional. Its cleaning head is activated by an electric motor. Design of a mechanical toothbrush Mandatory components include a removable brush head with a holder (nozzle) and a handle. The handle contains batteries or batteries, electronic control board, as well as an electric motor.

The cleaning head in such brushes is usually round. It performs reverse rotational movements (turns left and right). The angle of rotation in different models is, on average, from 40 to 70 degrees, and the number of movements in different models - from 5,000 to 40,000 per minute. The most modern models also work in pulsation mode.

Electric toothbrush of sound type

It is quite easy to recognize by the shape of the scrub head. It is not round, as in mechanical models, but elongated. Is a new generation electric toothbrush. Sound toothbrush design In a sound toothbrush, the bristles are activated by a high-frequency generator. It creates sound waves audible to humans.
Sound brushes work mainly at a frequency of 200 to 400 Hz. It is enough for the bristles to make from 24 to 48 thousand movements per minute, removing plaque from the teeth. Due to the fact that the bristles oscillate very quickly and with a large amplitude, toothpaste mixed with water and saliva, actively penetrates into all the gaps between the teeth and cleans them to the gum line.

In addition, the tooth is affected by sound vibrations. Usually dental and pigment plaque is strong, but under the influence of high frequency sound, it lags behind the walls of the tooth easily.

Electric toothbrush of ultrasonic type

Innovative type of electric toothbrushes. Provides the most complete effect on the teeth and gums: ultrasonic waves generated by the brush, propagate to about 4-5 mm deep tissue. This allows you to effectively ultrasound the narrowest interdental spaces, as well as the gums.

Ultrasound emitting bristles destroys colonies of bacteria that have become attached to the teeth. Under its influence, the deposits, which are firmly held, bounce off the surface of the tooth and turn into an emulsion, after which they are easily removed with a cleaning head.


An irrigator is a hydromassage for the oral cavity. It looks like an electric toothbrush connected by a hose to a liquid container. But the irrigator removes plaque and food debris from the teeth not with bristles, but with a pulsating stream of water under pressure.

In modern models, the water stream is saturated with air bubbles, killing a large number of bacteria. The irrigator, unlike an electric brush, has a positive effect on sore gums: it massages them without damaging them.

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