Movies about financial markets that are worth watching, Grand Union Markets Reviews.

Movies about financial markets that are worth watching, Grand Union Markets Reviews.

Movies about financial markets that are worth watching, Grand Union Markets Reviews.
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Grand Union Market forex brokerage is a company that works on the market for more than a year. It has won the sympathy of many experienced traders for a last year since its start. Also, many new traders, who want to start trading with the reliable broker and hesitate to choose it from the wide range of names, would like to get more information about Grand Union Market forex broker.

We interviewed several traders who work with Grand Union Market and prepared the article that describes the company's strengths and weaknesses. This Grand Union Market broker review should help new traders and forex rock stars to evaluate the broker company and decide if they want to trade with it.

A brief review of Grand Union Market

As mentioned above, Grand Union Market's forex broker started working a little more than a year ago in early 2019. The brand Grand Union Market and the website is the property of Sky Tech Solutions LTD, the multi-brand financial company that runs financial services in Hong Kong. The activities of Sky Tech Solutions include software development for financial services, corporate financial consulting, forex and stock trading, and others.

The location of the mother company is carefully selected. As it is known, many financial service companies have the registration and headquarter in the small offshore states, like Cyprus. However, global financial regulators do not consider such companies as absolutely legal. The differences in legislation of the offshore states and leading global countries result in the issues with the financial turnover between the countries. Sky Tech Solutions opened its main office in Hong Kong to move its activities to the transparent and legal field.

Hong Kong has known not only for its complicated relationships with mainland China. In the financial world, Hong Kong has a reputation of headquarters for major financial institutions. This leads to deep involvement of local companies in major financial flows which are gathered there. This is the best answer to those forum guests who claim Grand Union Market is a scam.

Grand Union Market Benefits


Grand Union Market forex broker offers several types of trading accounts to its clients. The major type is a Real account. The client can transfer money to this account, trade, and withdraw the profit. Depending on deposit size, the client can choose Bronze, Silver, Golden, or Platinum account. The higher is the account level, the lesser are spreads. For all types of real accounts, the company provides the service of personal account manager, expert advisor service, unlimited amount of the open positions, and no commissions. Yes, this is not a mistake: Grand Union Market forex broker does not charge the commission for the client's activities.

Together with Real Account, the company Grand Union Market broker offers a Demo account. It is a virtual account linked with the real forex market. The client can open trading positions and close deals using a virtual deposit. The trading on the Demo does not require a money transfer. This is the comfortable close-to-real trading for the novices.  However, the long training with the demo account still lacks the feeling of a real market and provides no experience of a risk management.

Islam Account is the special account type for Muslim clients of Grand Union Market broker. Holy beliefs in Islam forbid the receiving of the capital interest for Muslims. The system forces the Islam account to automatically close all open positions at 10 pm and reopen it in a second without a swap fee or profits. More detailed information can be found at reviews and on its website.


Grand Union Market broker offers the full range of assets for the trading portfolio. By focusing on the currency pairs, the company also offers shares, indices, metals, futures, and energies. Despite the chosen asset, the company takes comprehensive spreads and offers all the necessary tools for profitable trading. The trader can trade with different assets from a single account. 

Risk-free Trading

One of the benefits for new traders in Grand Union Market broker is the risk-free trading option. You probably know that new traders often lose their first deposit during the first weeks of trading. It happens due to the incorrect risk evaluation: after several successful deals, the traders believe in the non-stop success and are not ready for a possible loss.

Knowing this fact, Grand Union Market broker offers a risk-free period for the new clients. It is a type of insurance for risky deals. After getting the notification that deposit money successfully appeared on the client's account, the new trader contacts company management and informs them about the use of a risk-free trade option.

The option, of course, has some limits: it can be used during the first ten business days, and the number of protected deals is limited. However, this option is the perfect chance for newbies to train the risk evaluation skill without losing the deposit on a real account with no demo.

Trading terminal

Grand Union Market forex broker uses the safest and most popular trading software platform – MetaTrader4. Using this software, the trader can open and close positions, track the rate fluctuation, see graphs and diagrams, monitor the indicators, and have all the financial information located in one source. As MT4 is a long-operating and well-known solution, it is compatible with almost all existing gadgets and operating systems. On the you can find the versions for Web, Android, and iOs.  Besides, the company provides the how-to guide on MT4 for new traders.

Deposit and Funds Withdrawal

The money transfer to deposit is simple and easy. Using Visa or Mastercard, the client transfers money to the deposit Grand Union Market broker and send the declaration of deposit. In several hours the deposit and the statement are processed, and the client can start trading.

The procedure of withdrawal is almost the same: the client requests the withdrawal, and after the request is processed, the money moves from the client’s deposit to the card account or bank account. The request processing is possible only during the  business times.

Please take in mind that Grand Union Market broker does not charge a withdrawal fee. Any commission the client pays is the fee of a payment system, and it can make from 0 to -2.5% regrading different systems.

Funds Safety

According to Grand Union Market broker reviews, funds safety is a primary concern for the company traders. So, the company provides a set of measures to protect the client's funds from unauthorized access, theft, and deposit loss. First, the company digital assets and servers are protected on the physical level and physical theft of company assets is not possible. The data transfer is also protected according to the up-to-date security requirements. The digital corporate assets are encrypted and can be transferred via the protected channels only.

All company contractors sign the non-disclosure agreement that guarantees the security of private information. Besides, only authorized personnel can access the clients' data.

There are also some data protection requirements provided to all the clients of the company. First, when they open the account, it is necessary to verify their identity. Grand Union Market forex broker uses the standard verification procedure with any ID – passport, driver license, etc. – to verify the person, and the proof of residence to verify the billing address. When the client transfers the deposit, he or she should send the deposit declaration and confirm the sender's identity. The additional identification is required for money withdrawal. This wide range of security measures allows company to monitor all the clients data safely and act fast if any scam activity appears.

Affiliate program

Good traders make good money with a good broker – this rule works for Grand Union Market broker. However, some company clients want to make extra money and there’s even more options to do so. Some of them have a full-time job and cannot trade for a full day, and there’s always a will to increase their income even if they are professional traders. For all of those interested persons, Grand Union Market forex broker offers the affiliate program.

The affiliate attracts new clients to Grand Union Market broker using promo-materials: banners, videos, links, etc. Each partner has the unique UTM code in the URL, which shows the owner of the lead. When the lead registers on the website and becomes a client, the partner gets a reward. In this way, every client of Grand Union Market forex broker can increase the profit staying one of the traders and still trading on his own.

The entry threshold for the affiliate program is not so high. Of course, you have to be the client of Grand Union Market broker. When you decide to join the affiliate program, contact the account manager, or just write an email to the management. Every new partner gets the unique UTM and the package of promo-materials. If you work as a financial consultant, you are a popular blogger or Instagram-celebrity, your income from the affiliate program can even overcome the profits from trading.

Support service

The professional and easily accessible support service is an essential component of customer satisfaction. Knowing this fact, Grand Union Market broker pays special attention to its support team. The company hires only experienced and sophisticated consulters who can solve all clients' request on L1 and L2. 

The support service in Grand Union Market forex broker works 24/5. As a rule, they help the clients solve issues with personal accounts, deposit, withdrawal, or trading terminal MT4 settings. Please be aware that on national holidays the number of available support specialists is limited. So, if you make trading on holidays and face unexpected problems, please get ready to wait until the support operator contacts you.

Legislation and Regulations

Grand Union Market broker follows all the correspondent laws, bills, and regulations related to forex trading. The package of documents and regulations is available on the company website in "Legal" section. Please be informed that the company implements some limits and restrictions to its job to follow the legislation.

Thus, according to Privacy Policy, the company uses procedures and processes to identify and verify the client's personality. However, it pays attention to the protection of vulnerable information. So, please follow the requirements to protect the data and prevent the data leak.

Following the anti-money laundering bill, Grand Union Market forex broker limits some types of money transfers. Thus, the transfers between accounts within the system are not permitted. Besides, the company works with the individuals only, and not with the companies.

So, our verdict is that Grand Union Market broker is not a scam and runs fully legit financial activity under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong financial system, operating the most secure and reliable trading platform on a market.


Comments (0)

  1. Ashleigh Brennan 08.04.2020
    Guys from Grand Union Markets have a really good entry deposit requirements, but I'm a bit confused about the profit level Im gonna get with it. Low investments mean low profits right?
    1. Teejay Andrews 16.04.2020
      Being quite a successful trader I am right now, I really want you guys to avoid classic beginners mistakes everyone make; first of all, get yourself a good broker. Some company like Grand Union Markets or its equals would be sufficient. Then you can think about everything else.
      1. Malcolm Chase 22.04.2020
        I remember when I was just beginning my trading carreer, lol. Wish I had some support from a broker back then, Grand Union Markets or someone similar.
        1. Eric Krueger 30.04.2020
          Looking for a good broker depends on how do you define «good». If it means «reliable and beginner friendly» then maybe check Grand Union Markets, these guys have been around for a while now.
          1. Mason 02.05.2020
            Customers support here could be much more quick. Hate waiting
            1. Ethan 10.05.2020
              want to try this company after their email looks like there s not much to do on quarantine like why not get some money right
              1. Clifford Hutchings 18.05.2020
                Grand Union Markets is a good choice for someone who's been in the trading business for half a year or more. I mean, you choose a broker as average as brokers come but with good entry terms and no additional fees or something. Even if you're just starting they might be fine for you.
                1. Borys Chadwick 27.05.2020
                  My experience with Grand Union Markets is somewhat limited, I worked with them for 3 month and then quit trading because of unrelated stuff. They are solid but I didn't manage to earn a lot working with them as I just started to receive some money on deals
                  1. Fynn Cameron 01.06.2020
                    Grand Union Markets isn't much, but they can give you a kickstart if you're just entering the market. The rest will be upon you (yep, dont be surprised when you discover that your success or failure depends on you and not on the broker you choose thought its important too.
                    1. King Dean 09.06.2020
                      I really like Grand Union Markets's way of treating thei clients. I don't know about their overall effectiveness, but thei customer care is on point.
                      1. Jenna Cox 17.06.2020
                        Yeah, I’ve been working with Grand Union Market for a while now. not sure what analysis I can provide since Im just a beginner, but to me t’was all good. I didn’t get anything extraordinary, but they are working fair.
                        1. Eryk Bean 26.06.2020
                          Customer support service of Grand Union Market is like the best team of professionals I’ve ever met in this field. They are both professional and very pleasant to communicate with.
                          1. Om Zavala 02.07.2020
                            Would you guys recommend trading as a main source of income for a family man? I mean, when you’re all alone you have only yourself to put in risk, but it all changes when you have children. I was talking to Grand Union Market representative recently and he said that trading can be just as stable as your day job, but I’m still not sure.
                            1. Koby Gonzalez 09.07.2020
                              Working with Grand Union Market for a while has brought me some nice profits, but still, they are not what I expected from trading. I guess I’ve got to reconsider my trading priorities and then get back to it.
                              1. Aamir Duarte 17.07.2020
                                Grand Union Markets got me into trading some time ago and it was all good while it lasted. Of course, when I became more experienced as a trader I found out that there were a lot of options out there, some of them much more interesting for an experienced trader, but I can't say anything particularly bad about those fellas.
                                1. David 28.07.2020
                                  This company most definitely falls into the «good» category of brokers. I've been working with them, so I can affirm that. They are quite decent in all of the aspects that matter. Their customer care department is great, market analysis is always on point. They are really aiming high.
                                  1. Elliott 03.08.2020
                                    Was away from the trading market for a while… going to make a small comeback soon if everything is right. Gonna need a fine broker to support me; was thinking about this company here because of all the positive stuff about them. I don't thing my research will be deep enough to completely discover all the pros and cons of working with them, but I'm really interested.
                                    1. Brian 06.08.2020
                                      This broker is really good. I've had a lot of unfavourable financial periods with other companies before, so right now I'm excited to finally find a decent one. Hope they will stay this way in the long run.
                                      1. Michael 09.08.2020
                                        We had a nice chat with a representative of this broker company recently. I've learned a lot about trading possibilities these guys provide and many other stuff. What I especially like is their personal approach to support activities. Speaking to their customer care specialists always gives me a warm feeling.
                                        1. Matthew Wade 14.08.2020
                                          Had TONS of bad experience with different brokers in the past, so when I was researching this company I was initially very sceptical. However, it seems that I've finally found what I was looking for, a decent and stable broker.
                                          1. Ethan 21.08.2020
                                            All discussions on the web are so empty and pointless… why don't we just stick to what we believe and stop arguing with empty words? My point of view hasn't changed one bit — this broker absolutely can get you some good profits, and if you failed to get that result, that is your lack of skills, not theirs.
                                            1. Oren Reed 27.08.2020
                                              I have tripled my income with this broker in just a year, so I dont' want to read your negative reviews. Representative of the company says we can do even better, but I am really happy anyway.
                                              1. Short 31.08.2020
                                                Was cooperating with this broker for the last two months and the experience was really great. Love how fast their support crew works. Terms and timing of money withdrawals are great as well, so to me they look like one of the best brokers out there.
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