New player or scam?

New player or scam?

New player or scam?
John Dou - 02/07/2018

The success of a trader depends not only on his personal abilities, but also on the broker with whom he works. CapitalHall is a broker for a profitable and reliable cooperation. The company offers customers a leverage of up to 1: 300, as well as training with the MetaTrader4 platform. Therefore, even novices without experience can join MetaTrader4 trading and profit.

Why you should trade Forex with CapitalHall broker

You can find a lot of offers from broker companies on the Internet that entice the client with very high leverage rates and low spreads. It’s not what you get at CapitalHall, because company cares about its reputation and provide its users with only one hundred percent guaranteed deals. There’s a lot of reasons to work on Forex with CapitalHall:

1. Ability to use a reliable financial platform. CapitalHall review offers customers only the MetaTrader4 platform, which is the most reliable and perfect in its class. Even novice traders can work with it, having no experience of making deals on Forex.
2. Free training. Before MetaTrader4 starts working, traders are necessarily trained. After all, any company will not risk trusting money to people who are new to the principles of trading.
3. Ability to receive technical support and expert advice. After the beginning of work with Capital Hall, each trader is provided with a personal manager who will accompany him during the whole cooperation and help with the questions about the transfer of funds and the performance of various operations on the exchange. If necessary, clients of Capital Hall receive consultations of experienced specialists at any convenient time.
4. Absolute confidentiality. CapitalHall is not a scammer, and therefore guarantees its customers 100% security of their personal information. To prevent hackers from getting even the data that traders use during trading on the exchange, CapitalHall uses the SSL encryption protocol.
5. The ability to use profitable financial assets in trades.

Capital Hall is not a scam, which attracts customers with unbelievable offers on trade in cryptocurrency. The company has a compact list of proven cryptocurrency assets, but it allows traders to trade CFDs, currency pairs including bitcoins, and commodities. The leverage in CapitalHall does not exceed 1: 300. It opens the possibility for traders to conduct very large transactions and receive a large profit.

Open an beneficial account

One of the main advantages of CapitalHall is the ability to independently choose the type of account. You can get acquainted with the available accounts and their advantages using the table on website.
The account which was selected by the client does not affect the possibility of connecting to the partner program of CapitalHall (reviews of traders confirm this fact – you can invite friends and receive the bonuses even with a starting deposit of $250). At the same time, every client of CapitalHall can earn serious money on connected partners to the system. The more partners were invited, the higher the bonuses you can get.
As you can see, working with Capital Hall is beneficial not only for conducting trades on stock or commodity exchanges, but also for getting the additional earnings.

How to get started with Capital Hall

There is no need to fear that CapitalHall is a scam or fraud. Successfully operating representative offices in the UK and Germany, as well as a successfully completed starting year show the evidence of the reliable company reputation. To join the number of CapitalHall clients, you must perform only 4 actions:

1. Open an account. If you do not know how to do it yourself, ask for help from the managers of CapitalHall. In general, this task will take about 5 minutes.
2. Deposit. To start trading, you must have available funds on your account. The amount of the initial investment depends on the type of account you have chosen from the CapitalHall.
3. Complete the training. CapitalHall will provide you with all the necessary materials for this, and also will consult you how to install the MetaTrader4 platform program on a computer and a mobile phone.
4. Start trading. Begin to open your first own deals.

Close and long-term cooperation with CapitalHall broker will be convenient and profitable not only for novices, but also for experienced traders. The company has proved this fact by a lot of positive reviews from its customers.

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  1. Cristofer 09.07.2018
    Before the account in Capital Hall, I had no demo and no micro accounts. So I will not compare with something. I am writing only about personal experience, I understand that someone could be at all differently. Well, the most crucial issue are spreads. Here they are static, it’s quite easy to plan a strategy. I trade EUR USD, even lower than many, I specially compared. Execution of orders. Well, relatively quickly. Do not hang for a minute. It may slow down slightly in volatility, but generally a second or two, rarely more. Withdrawing money. Another big question. Not instantly, but in an hour passes. To the card or to the wallet. On account in the bank it can came for three days, it depends more on the bank
    1. Alise 16.07.2018
      I worked for a month from the account in Capital Hall, now I share my impressions. In general, of course, while the system is naked. And this is both good and bad at the same time. That’s good, because of profitable to work like this. From the sum to be withdrawn there is only the commission for spreads. They are static, low enough. Well, technically, the system works fast. Immediately executed orders for both opening and closing. Of course when the market is in a fever, then the execution time can also grow from a couple of seconds to five or six. But so on the whole, almost without requotes. The drawback is that Capital Hall has few services still. For example, only four packages for traders – base, silver, gold and platinum. Well, there are almost no additional services for the base account. Unless, if the account has left in a minus because of the market jumps, it will restore to zero automatically.
      1. Nadia 25.07.2018
        Of course everyone can write nasty things on the Internet, because he will not get anything for it. Of course I’m not going to advertise Capital Hall, I will not be paid for it. But I will say that this is a normal medium-sized broker with fast execution of transactions and prompt withdrawal. True there are no additional tools, buns and contests, there was no demo account either. But at the same time the spreads are low, besides static ones, so that it is profitable on the whole.
        1. Fill 30.07.2018
          I bought into an advertisement and started trading with Alpari. Gradually realized that not everything is as sweet as they say. So I moved to Capital Hall and do not regret it. Trading conditions are for human, there are little packages, but they are understandable. Starting from 250 bucks, middle and senior packages are expensive, but in general what’s the difference, there is enough starting. Well respectively the filling of packages on increasing. But there is support and advice everywhere, it helps a lot, when you sit in a drawdown and do not know how to close.
          1. Aragorn 02.08.2018
            I moved to Capital Hall becouse this broker’s commissions and spreads were lower than my current (well, now past) broker. The level of services suits, you can start from almost any amount. Support is good, if you sit in a drawdown, the consultant will usually help. Well, I once got to the lock and did not know what to do, I was tormented for a long time, but I was saved and left with a rather small minus. Of the shortcomings there are few indicators in the terminal, I would like more.
            1. Lee 06.08.2018
              I like Capital Hall for the fact that there is an adequate attitude to customers and normal trading conditions. Without any problems, for example, you can call to support. Almost always from the first time. There is no commission for the input of money, they count upon the current rate of the bank. For withdrawal from the broker too, maybe from the banks where the output. Spreads are basically low enough, static, they will not jump. Bonuses are really not enough, and there are no competitions. It’s boring without them, to be honest.
              1. Taric 09.08.2018
                What can I say about Capital Hall, the company works steadily, trading conditions do not change a hundred times a day, the spreads are rather low. I moved from the alpari and opened an account here on the advice of friends, they said that everything is running faster plus commissions and spreads lower. Well, of course, everything is not as heaped up as in alpari, there are four packets basically and one large platform. But, it suits my requirements, everything, that most importantly, is honest and money is withdrawn quickly.
                1. Diana 12.08.2018
                  I read many favourable reports on LiteForex, overall I invested not so much money, but withdrawal was not all that simple there. Everyone recommended against it. Well, I got tired of fighting with this company – and set up an account at CapitalHall thanks to feedback as well. Withdrawal procedure was almost the first thing to do when I found myself on the plus side, 20 dollars or so. A manager called me, and I tensed up, but it was only some mistake in data. I fixed it, placed a new request, and got my money in half an hour. As for the rest… well, hard to say, a typical broker. Spreads are static and rather accountable. No other fees, only for spread. Deposition is also with no fee charged and is calculated at the current rate. The support is quite fair. I got through on the first tries, maximum on the second or third ones, didn’t hang on the line for too long. Obviously consultants know the ropes.
                  1. Veigar 16.08.2018
                    Two months ago I opened an account at CapitalHall broker, and only afterwards I searched for feedback. At first I followed the advertisement. Trading terms were fine, I spoke with a manager, thought that I should try. Of course the broker is new, so its work is not so large-scale yet. I have no complaints against order executions, everything’s quick and accurate. And managers don’t get to your account and don’t make any changes on your behalf. And withdrawal is rather quick. I made four withdrawals, usually they took an hour or less. Spreads are static, but you must see for yourself if this is an advantage for you or not. At first I dealt with euro involving cross, now I experiment with gold and petroleum, in both cases a little bit below market. But I can’t promise that it’s true for all positions. No basic deposits insurance here yet. And also no such features as tournaments, bonuses etc.
                    1. Victor 22.08.2018
                      Truth be told, at first working with CapitalHall was hard. It took some time to tackle MetaTrader and to understand how different tools function. Then I started reading analytics and decided it would be easier to draw upon it and use technical analysis only as a safety net. It seems like now I’m on my way to success, my initial deposit was recovered, it’s something at least. Spreads aren’t high, you can’t waste your deposit on them if you do everything right. Though there’s no demo account, perhaps it would be easier with it.
                      1. Leon 26.08.2018
                        I deal only with EUR / USD, already know many hidden pitfalls and appropriate strategies. So when a question of broker change arose, I started with reviewing trading terms and, most importantly, this pair spreads. CapitalHall had the ones of the lowest, and besides – their spreads are static, it’s a plus, because the trouble with dynamic ones is that you never guess, when, how often and how much a broker raises them. Since trading terms were generally okay, and feedback too, I decided to start with medium numbers on the account and to see what to do next later. With the credit leveraging 1:300 it’s convenient to trade with this amount, and you don’t lose much if anything crops up. No fees except for spreads. The only one disadvantage is MetaTrader tools. There are few of them, I had to install additional ones. And also I had to fiddle about MetaTrader to install it on MacBook, which was possible only using the emulator.
                        1. Dariius 31.08.2018
                          In Capital Hall passed about a couple of months ago. I did not go with the previous broker, conditions changed for the worse. Here, everything suits. Only three packages, for a start there is enough. I work with the average tariff. Standards analyst, and managers are sane. I / O is fast, with no problems. The terminal is the only one, and not my favorite, MT, had to get used to.
                          1. Miho 02.09.2018
                            A colleague from the past work is trading at Capital Hall for a year already. Have advised me to open an account here, until everybody ran to the broker, because now there are excellent conditions for scalping. And I understand, if scalping does not slip, then the broker is generally reliable. Give me two))))) Friend did not disappoint, everything flies – orders, input-output, statistics. Input is on the current exchange rate, there is no commission for withdrawal, everything is clear.
                            1. Velly 07.09.2018
                              Went for a likeable advertisement and opened an account in Alpari. While figuring out that not everything is as beautiful as promised, drained some money. Went to Capital Hall. At first glance, everything is ok. Affordable trading conditions. The truth there are three tariffs, but with them everything is clear. Base is from 250 bucks, medium and VIP are expensive, but I’m fine with starter pack. It is clear that the stuffing of each package is filled in ascending order. But support works equally well for all levels. The managers helped very much when, at first, I did not know how to get out of the drawdown and close.
                              1. Jared 09.09.2018
                                I did not hear anything about Capital Hall until till I’m recommended to open an account there. I began to compare the spreads of several top brokers by their currencies, and here were the lowest, yet static. Has risked. In the first month there were no failures, breaks or big problems. Everything works as stipulated in the contract. Metatrading Terminal 4 is stable. Support does its work, if necessary, it will always help.
                                1. Keil 14.09.2018
                                  I do not like to mess around with the papers, so I left the brokerage service VTB24, although the conditions suited me. In Capital Hall the whole process of work is conducted online, in part by phone, you do not have to go anywhere, you need just minimum of paperwork. Market quotes are for the current moment, as well as input. Withdrawal is without commission, half an hour – hour. Spreads are static, low, I compared key currencies.
                                  1. Kail 20.09.2018
                                    For three months I have been working with the broker Capital Hall. The friend enthusiastically spoke about the analyst, and in the web I saw good reviews. In general I like everything, the broker is stable, the team of analysts is working good. The execution of orders is fast, the terminal does not hang and does not fall off. Metatrader generally is sane system, who in the subject, knows how it is convenient to work with both the computer and the smart. I guess I would add more tournaments, sometimes I want some kind of competition.
                                    1. Wukong 23.09.2018
                                      Six months ago, I had to find a broker with Meta Trader, low spreads and minimal commissions. I’m used to this terminal, do not want radical changes. I opened an account with Capital Hall. Although the company is kind of young, I saw a normal approach and sane trading conditions. What’s nice, money is withdrawn without a commission, and besides it’s fast, so that’s good. The processing of the bid is about 10-20 minutes and on the withdrawal itself about an hour. The input is based on the current banking rate.
                                      1. Cait 29.09.2018
                                        At some moment, Finam began to inflate the spreads, and I decided to pick up a replacement. I wanted to find a more stable broker, more economical, well, with profit. Read reviews, and almost accidentally got to Capital Hall. I began to figure out the conditions, it turned out that this is exactly what I was looking for. Judging by some feedbacks, people were frightened by the company’s youth, well, ok. But here the spreads below, static, do not take off when the market pumps. There is no commission for withdrawal, only purely from the bank. Actually, it is not enough of packages and only one platform, a meta trader 4.
                                        1. Vai 01.10.2018
                                          Six months ago I found Capital Hall, I don’t remember how, it seems, I read the ratings and decided to look at the link. It is clear that before registering I looked into all the information, studied the quotations, compared it for several days. It turned out that the output was the same as the average for the market. At the same time spreads are static, this is an excellent solution, very comfortable after dynamic. Orders are executed quickly. All expectations are realized. It remains to add more tools for withdrawing money.
                                          1. Shuva 05.10.2018
                                            When Alpari started inflating the spreads, I decided to leave there and after a while got settled at Capital Hall. I can not say that the broker is at the hearing. I read feedbacks before making a final decision, they convinced me. In a nutshell. Input at the current rate is very fast, withdrawal without commission is also quite fast. Orders without requotes are promptly executed, everything is clear. There one desire on improving support is to increase its staff.
                                            1. Voland 08.10.2018
                                              My relationship with the previous broker was ruined, yeah, the most savory tariffs were removed, and the commissions were raised, it’s a pity. I had to change a broker. About a month ago I came to Capital Hall. No complaints yet. Here is not a lot of tariffs, only three, but the average bill is quite enough for me. Analytics is adequate. Input / output are speedy, special problems do not pop up, no need to pull the info from the broker, the support is excellent. Only MetaTrader is…, oh…, I don’t like him, but that is, I got used to it already.
                                              1. Maers 11.10.2018
                                                I have a colleague, an experienced trader, and he advised to somehow pay attention to the Capital Hall. He shared the experience of successful scalping there, said he should hurry to register before people work there. Such a case is a good scalping, then there is no time to think, we have to accept it. In fact, orders are executed quickly, statistics is updated instantly. Money moves quickly, entry and exit, entry at the current rate of the bank, by the way, does not remove a commission when withdrawing.
                                                1. Braum 14.10.2018
                                                  Made a stupid thing, I answered a beautiful Alpari advertisement. Started trading there, and after a while I realized that not everything is as beautiful as in the advertising picture. I will not go into the details, I have already switched to another broker, Capital Hall, and I have absolutely no regrets. Here is quite human conditions for trade. I agree, the packs are not enough, but they are understandable. VIP and average are more expensive, of course, but basing one, which costs from 250 bucks, is totally enough for me. The filling of these tariff plans is also from small to large, but the support works equally with respect and attentively for all tariffs. Good consultants are always ready to help out. Especially their help is needed when you don’t understand how to close if stuck in a drawdown.
                                                  1. Lesly 20.10.2018
                                                    In the spring I decided to try the service VTB24, but it did not go. I didn’t like the volume of papers with which I had to mess around, although otherwise everything seemed to be fine. I registered at Capital Hall, there is generally a minimum of documents here and then only for one procedure, the rest is held online or by phone, a miracle, and you don’t need to go anywhere. Funds are entered at a real exchange rate, quotes are average for the market. There is no commission for withdrawal, everything is done promptly. Here are comfortable enough and not high spreads for key currencies, and all of them are absolutely static.
                                                    1. Taras 25.10.2018
                                                      I specifically took the time at comparing spreads for my currencies on the proposals of various brokers. It turned out that Capital Hall had the most advantageous offer, the spreads were the lowest, and besides static. I decided to register here. So far, within a month of cooperation, not a single problem has emerged, failures or disconnects. What was originally stated in the contract, that’s all and real. Reliable and stable terminal MetaTrader. Support helps, but it doesn’t always work to get through immediately.
                                                      1. Tangar 31.10.2018
                                                        Before Capital Hall, I almost had no trading experience, so I’ve been playing with one broker’s demos, nothing serious at all. Rather, I was just trying to understand how it all works. Therefore, I decided to start learning how to work on real transactions from scratch. Here at the basic package of Capital Hall for beginners everything is clear, convenient. You can safely enter with three hundred and after a while raise the deposit. You only need to learn, not to be afraid, and if anything support is always ready to help. Just do not always get to call from the first time. Leverage 1:300, interest-free withdrawal to the card. I already withdrew for several times, pleased with speed, promptly. Maximum two hours, often less.
                                                        1. Draiven 03.11.2018
                                                          I opened my first real deposit here, in Capital Hall, before that I studied on demos from other brokers. I had to work a little and I started to get it, but all the same it was a demo version, not a real deal, and profit, respectively, is not at all that level. And the appetites are growing, so now I’m trying to go here to the real trading world. I like the conditions, static spreads are pretty sane, so it wouldn’t be so easy for you just to drain the deposit. Good analytics, I already understood this, and I use it with might and main, and a profit is evident. I mean that profits have already appeared!
                                                          1. Luicuus 04.11.2018
                                                            I would like to give Capital Hall the highest rating, but so far I can not. Seriously, for so many years of successful work it would be possible to acquire a wide range of services, to expand opportunities for us and for ourselves. The functionality is excellent, the broker fulfills its promises, does not inflate spreads and continues to keep them static and at the market level. All of this, of course, attracts everyone to remain with Capital Hall. Although my profit is not particularly high, but I don’t spend so much time on trading, for me it’s rather like a second salary, a source of passive income just in case. In addition, there is no difficulty with the withdrawal of money. But seriously, it’s already time to add something new to the conditions, tariff packages, make tournaments for traders, charge some bonuses and organize promotions.
                                                            1. Sord 09.11.2018
                                                              Soon there will be a year, as I trade with Capital Hall. I came here from Insta Forex, as far as I remember, after successful trading with demos, then I suddenly lose the entire deposit on my real account on spreads. Yes, exactly, that’s why I left. Capital Hall broker has static spreads, that’s what I came for. They are low in themselves and do not gallop like a horse while market is in a fever. Another good thing is that the quotes correspond to the average market level. Specially compared with the sites of other brokers. I personally trade EUR USD and looked just for them. Only support doesn’t particularly in a hurry to please. In the mornings it’s generally unrealistic to get through, you have to wait. The consultants are excellent, a very smart team, they will tell and explain everything, but there it’s obviously time to expand the staff, they simply don’t have enough hands. In general, I’m willing to give the broker a confident four, IMHO.
                                                              1. Tristan 14.11.2018
                                                                Not for the sake of advertising, but at the behest of my heart ) I am writing about the broker Capital Hall. And, it’s free! Seriously, in my opinion, this is a decent middle broker, reliable, it works stably and efficiently, with a good speed of order execution and withdrawal (no commission!). Everything is so serious that here you can’t find the usual entertainment such as contests and tournaments, and minimum set of tools is enough especially for the implementation of daily tasks. There are no demos and macro accounts, no webinars. There are low fixed spreads. Everything suits me.
                                                                1. Gang 17.11.2018
                                                                  Probably three months ago I opened my brokerage account at Capital Hall … The first impression was a little shock by the ease and simplicity of registration. The manager explained that validation should be performed once at the first withdrawal, and then documents are signed for the first and last time. All the rest are done online. Trading conditions are not ideal, but quite comfortable, I am ready to recommend it to my friends. Not high static spreads, there is no commission for withdrawal and input, but there is no choice of terminal, no contests or competitions. And still pleased with the speed of execution of orders.
                                                                  1. Opix 21.11.2018
                                                                    It is so interesting to read other people’s comments, everyone writes about their difficulties in working with the broker Capital Hall. For me, the most difficult thing was getting used to the MetaTrader 4 terminal, before that I worked with Qwik. However, I figured out, eventually clarified all the details and was able to appreciate all the capabilities of the terminal. I understood, for example, that Capital Hall does not provide such a rich toolkit for the basic level. Although for completely newbies this will be quite enough. According to the main principles of work the are static low spreads, not inflated quotes, no interest on input and output, and the withdrawal itself is carried out fairly quickly.
                                                                    1. Farier 26.11.2018
                                                                      This May I opened an account with Capital Hall. I read the conditions and liked that on the static spreads of this broker you can plan a successful strategic line on an ongoing basis and trade with almost any amount within your own deposit. As for I / O, they are fast, simple, with no commissions. Here is one serious problem got out. It turned out that the MT 4 terminal does not want to be correctly installed on the MacBook, had to be installed via an emulator, and this is somehow strange at all, of course. The terminal itself, in principle, works typically, not buggy. Nevertheless, I would be glad if they would solve this question or at least make a web terminal.
                                                                      1. Fenri 30.11.2018
                                                                        At the beginning of summer, on the advice of a friend, opened an account with Capital Hall broker. Everything that was stated regarding trading conditions turned out to be true. Static spreads, no leaps, no unanticipated jumps. No problem has ever been with withdrawal. The only verification process took some time, most likely, such requirements from the security service. Technical support is competent, I think that managers are not just sitting on the phones, but they are engaged in bidding themselves, because they are up to date with all current trends.
                                                                        1. Markus 03.12.2018
                                                                          I opened my first real account with Capital Hall. Before that, I was just indulging with demos from other brokers. With them it is clear that it was easier, there was some success even. But it is clear that with unrealistic transactions you will not get a profits. The conditions here are all normal. You can lost the deposit only if you try very hard))) Spreads are fixed, sane. Worthy analytics, well calculates everything, I try to trade on it. There is already a small profit.
                                                                          1. Ezuo 10.12.2018
                                                                            I will not put the Capital Hall 12 points. The company is not the first month on the market, it would be possible to increase the number of services provided and expand its functionality. Nevertheless, the broker meets all modern requirements, consistently fulfills its promises and does not expand spreads, they are still static. All that’s stopping me from looking for another broker. I am quite satisfied with the work of the MetaTrader 4 platform, there are no bugs, speed is excellent. And the conditions are still satisfied. There are no problems with withdrawal, both to a card and to an account. I withdrew several times, money always comes in within an hour. The profit of course is not very large, about 150 bucks per 1000 of depo comes out per month, but it can be used as a second source of income.
                                                                            1. Antonio 15.12.2018
                                                                              I went to Capital Hall from Insta Forex in early spring. For some unidentified reason, I lost the entire deposit on spreads, although before that everything worked on demos (((( there is a chance to rise on static spreads, they are not high by themselves and do not jump along with the market. Quotes correspond to average market indicators, I looked at the websites of top brokers, and it turns out that the quotes are higher or about the same as in Capital Hall. I trade EUR / USD, and for this pair I made a comparison. There is a big complaint about the support work in the context of dial-up speed. You have to hang on the line for up to 10 minutes, especially in the morning, but from the point of view of efficiency, everything is excellent: they prompt, explain and help. In general, I am ready to give the broker a solid four.
                                                                              1. Olivia 22.12.2018
                                                                                Capital Hall, IMHO, is a normal mid-level broker. Prompt execution and fast withdrawal. Few additional tools, no demo versions, trading tournaments, contests, promotions or bonuses. Only one terminal, MT fourth version. On average, low spreads, fixed. I work steadily for half a year. There were no serious conflicts. Customer support is like the pro, you can always find a common language. There are no serious complaints about the service and functionality.
                                                                                1. King 30.12.2018
                                                                                  Two months ago, I registered an account with Capital Hall. At first glance, everything was too easy and simple, it even scared me. The manager explained that I would have to go through the account validation before the first withdrawal, and not while opening an account. And the papers are signed for the first and last time also at that moment. All other official things are held online. Pleased with the trading conditions. Fixed spreads. The broker does not set fees for withdrawal and deposit. Prompt execution of transactions. No competitions and contests, training material. In general, a decent and conscientious broker.
                                                                                  1. Colin 31.12.2018
                                                                                    Most of all I was strained by the need to make friends with Meta Trader. Before that I worked with Qwik. I sorted it out, figured it out, it turned out to be surprisingly good, so I appreciated its capabilities. The only pity is that Capital Hall gives not so many tools on the starting package, but for a beginner there is just enough of everything. I feel comfortable with this broker. The spreads are static, low, the quotes are also not overpriced, they do not expand without need or warning. The broker does not put his interest on the withdrawal, as many do. And I am particularly pleased with the output speed, an hour or two, not more
                                                                                    1. Pavel 03.01.2019
                                                                                      I came to Capital Hall after the May holidays. I can share the experience. The broker exposes low fixed spreads, it is possible to trade almost any amount within the deposit, good conditions for withdrawal: no commission and for a short time (an hour or two). My personal inconvenience, the terminal MetaTrader 4 does not want to be fully installed on the MacBook, you have to use the emulator. Somehow, you see, it is strange. At the same time, the terminal itself works smoothly, there are no bugs or freezes. I think a web version of the terminal would be useful here.
                                                                                      1. Gleb 05.01.2019
                                                                                        During the 9 months of working with Capital Hall broker, there was not a single case where I could say that I was deceived or something changed for the worse. All trading conditions are transparent and are carried out according to the initial statements. Spreads are always static, no sudden jumps or slumps. Everything is fine with withdrawal. The longest is the verification process, most likely such security system requirements. Well-trained team of consultants. By the way, it is felt that managers trade themselves, they are always ready to answer the most pressing questions and are always aware of all trends.
                                                                                        1. KIrill 09.01.2019
                                                                                          I started trading recently, opened my first real account with Capital Hall Forex broker. Before that, I learned from other brokers on demo accounts. Thought that I had gained enough experience to switch to real deals and finally start earning. Under the conditions, everything fits me. There is no chance to drain the deposit on the spreads, they are not high and static. Trade on broker analytics, this is not a shot in the dark, the result is quite predictable. Profit is slowly growing, but I don’t even think it’s too early to switch to a more expensive package. There are four tariffs in total. It seems a little, but me and the starting package is enough. The support earn its keep by 5 points.
                                                                                          1. Husten 14.01.2019
                                                                                            It is rather strange that the broker Capital Hall has not yet increased the number of services. Even if you have been on the market for only about two years, it’s time to expand. There is still only one MetaTrader 4 platform, only 4 user packages, it’s still unrealistic to call technical support the first time. Of course, it’s good that the quality of services remains stable too, trading conditions do not change. Spreads were both static and remained. There is no commission for input and output, and the speed of execution and the entire performance of the system has not increased. On this occasion, I have no complaints, there is a profit, and it is real. This is reason enough not to look for another place. I collect my “second salary”)) I withdraw 150 bucks every month. However, when will tournaments appear?
                                                                                            1. Martin 17.01.2019
                                                                                              Last winter I moved to the Capital Hall from Insta Forex. It did not work out. It seemed everything was good on demos, and on a real account I leaked the entire deposit (( Here we have static spreads and good execution speed, besides a convenient MetaTrader terminal. You can build your strategy, and you can work with their analytics. With experience it becomes clear what exactly goes better, everyone has his own secret. I compared the prices on the market with others, it turns out that everything is approximately the same. I mostly looked at my EUR / USD pair. There is still such a fat minus, I have never been able to call in the morning in support so as not to wait on the line for 5-10 minutes. They compensate by the level of knowledge and their perseverance. In general, it would be more convenient to screw the online chat directly to the site or make an account in a messenger or Skype, because sometimes there are very urgent questions. My rating is four.
                                                                                              1. Rick 19.01.2019
                                                                                                My review. The advantages of Capital Hall broker: a stable working system, without cliffs, good analytics, fast withdrawal to any volume, prompt execution of orders, not inflated quotes, static spreads, MetaTrader 4 platform. Cons: few communication channels with support, the site is not updated, no contests and tournaments, no demo and micro accounts, for beginners there are no training videos or webinars; and in general, the financial instruments here are exactly the necessary minimum and that’s it. Overall impression: not a kitchen, not a scam, made by experienced specialists, there are prospects, you can trust them, but they need to develop.
                                                                                                1. Paul 22.01.2019
                                                                                                  At the first meeting with the broker Capital Hall everything seemed even somehow suspiciously easy. I was registered in October, very quickly, credited the account and trade immediately activated. The speed is very good, you can scalp, you can master the crypto trading, there are all the necessary currency pairs, the support works perfectly. At the first communication, the manager explained that the account verification will have to be completed only at the first withdrawal, and all documents are signed for the first and the last time. All issues are resolved via the Internet. Input and output without commission. You can withdraw on the card, on the wallet, and on the bank account, but it takes longer. It takes a half of hour or a hour to withdraw on the card without hitches. In general, I am satisfied with the trading conditions, although one could add something. For example, competitions, bonuses, choice of platform.
                                                                                                  1. Sergii 26.01.2019
                                                                                                    I have experience with Qwik. After it, it was difficult for me to rearrange under MetaTrader. But when I went through all the functionality, I was able to evaluate the flexible, customizable terminal system. Capital Hall broker’s tools are not as rich as I would like, but for a confident start this is enough. The system is stable, trading conditions do not change, static spreads, mid-market quotes, no commission for I / O, fast execution of orders. Withdraw funds in an hour, even less. There is an affiliate program.
                                                                                                    1. Vandi 31.01.2019
                                                                                                      Trading with Capital Hall broker since late spring. All promised trading conditions are fulfilled. The system is stable, the managers do not interfere, from the technical side everything is a bang. There are static spreads within the stated limits, slippage, but during the period of volatility the situation is not chaotic, especially with the Metatrader terminal4. There is no commission for input / output, withdrawal is prompt with any volume. The support is competent, it seems they trade all the time. Account verification is carried out before the first withdrawal. I had to spend a certain amount of time on it, I think it should be so at the request of safety standards.
                                                                                                      1. Ravil 01.02.2019
                                                                                                        I have been trading with Capital Hall forex broker for over a year now, I like that the broker offers a wide range of products to be traded. Of course, without experience, it will be difficult for you to immediately start trading oil or gold, but there are lots of other goods, food, raw materials. There is a large selection of currency pairs, you can work with cryptocurrency too, but only with a proven one. The broker himself is not a scammer and does not allow fraudsters to make a business on it. Static spreads, on average, are the same or slightly lower than market rates. Within the limits of your deposit, you can turn any volumes, and there are also no problems with withdrawal of funds: quickly and without commission. Terminal MetaTrader 4 gives you all the tools you need, you can work from a computer, tablet or smart. The only moment that is incomprehensible to me is that could not install on macbook. Had to do an emulator. But the terminal works without bugs and sags, and that is good.
                                                                                                        1. Nakami 03.02.2019
                                                                                                          I just recently started working with real deals, a couple of months. My neighbor has been trading for a long time, I repeatedly visited him to watch him. He talked a little about what works in forex, taught me terminology. Then, I myself tried to trade at home on demo accounts. Heatedly, damn it. Opened an account with Capital Hall forex broker in December. Put $ 250 on the basic tariff package, so as not to spend money on New Year's holidays. Invested in the future))) There are low static spreads and a custom platform MetaTrader 4 with trading bots. It’s not so easy — to waste my money. Very good local analytics, gives a high percentage of accurate forecasts. Well, I'm great, I never went into a minus. I did everything so carefully that I even began to grow. Will not withdraw money yet. Let's see how it goes on. By the way, excellent support, tactfully answer even confused questions.
                                                                                                          1. Baki 07.02.2019
                                                                                                            Broker Capital Hall is on the market for more than 2 years, if I'm not mistaken, maybe even three years. But a set of services and offers still does not expand. Trading conditions really do not change from the very beginning either. And yet it’s time to add another platform, increase the number of tariff plans. Finally, to solve all problems with calling difficulties into technical support. Look how people swear in every review. Of course, it's great that the spreads remain static and there are no hidden fees. Claims to the speed of performance and system performance in general, either. Together with the growing profit, these are all good reasons to stay with the broker further, and yet — when are tournaments, when are contests?
                                                                                                            1. Triss 10.02.2019
                                                                                                              A year ago I had to quit Insta Forex. There were reasons why I leaked almost the entire deposit. Now I trade with the broker Capital Hall. It offers static spreads on all tariff plans, high execution speed, a stable system without failures and sags, and work on a customizable Metatrader trading platform. Everyone can use local analytics, try building their strategy, or train trading robots. Every trader has his own secret of profit growth and not everyone is in a hurry to share, by the way. Quotes here do not crawl beyond the stated boundaries, on average, the same as in the market, at least for my EUR / USD pair. In total, the broker has 50 key currency pairs. And many other traded offers. I want to put a confident assessment of «four». Especially for the level of knowledge and skills of technical support managers. I will not put the five, since this wonderful support cannot be reached on the first attempt. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity on the site to communicate with the support in real time.
                                                                                                              1. Uter 13.02.2019
                                                                                                                Very briefly about my impressions of Capital Hall: steady, reliable, stable, efficient, without breaks and failures, successful analytics, average market quotes, fixed spreads, MT4 terminal. Wherein: only two channels of communication with a support, the site is rarely updated, there is no entertainment and training content. Conclusion: not a scam or a kitchen, it's built by real pros, done wisely, you can trust. Wish: do not stop and keep up with the times.
                                                                                                                1. Artes 16.02.2019
                                                                                                                  It was very easy and simple to open an account with broker Capital Hall. Well, that I was warned, I was not ready))). In a few minutes I registered, replenished, and started trading. The speed is very good. Scalping fans here probably feel like in a resort. There are 50 of the most important currency pairs, you can trade on news, experiment with the proven cryptocurrency. Very smart support, working around the clock, there is a personal manager who will answer all questions on the case, help and prompt. Tech support warned at once about need to pass the verification of the account right before the first withdrawal. It takes half an hour or an hour on average, without hitches and delays. There is no commission for withdrawal. You can transfer on a card, wallet or bank account (but this is too slow, in 2-3 days).
                                                                                                                  1. Ludvig 18.02.2019
                                                                                                                    It was inconvenient to change from Qwik to Metatrader 4. It seems that all these terminals are not so different from each other, but the habit still makes it difficult to adapt to the new system. Later, when I figured out and tested all the settings of the platform, I appreciated the flexibility of the system and the ability to customize the entire trading process to fit my needs. Broker Capital Hall offers the minimum working set of functions and tools for trading, but as you know, the best is the enemy of the good. Successfully starting, strengthening and achieving a certain level of income is completely realistic here. The system is resistant to the outside world, I do not remember failures and disconnects, there were requotes and slippage. There is an affiliate program for friends. You can scalp. For entertainment you will have to go to another broker, here you just have a job. Static spreads, adequate quotes, there is no commission for I / O, very fast execution of all financial transactions. And money can be withdrawn very quickly.
                                                                                                                    1. Andrey 21.02.2019
                                                                                                                      One of the most promising brokers for the last year, IMHO. Trading with Capital Hall for more than a year, and I’m sure not looking for the best. If you have a little trading experience or it is completely absent, you will not be easy, but interesting. Demo accounts are not here, training webinars, too. But on the other hand, the 50 most key currency pairs are available for you. If you are already an experienced player, you can open an account immediately on a deposit of $ 10,000 and trade oil, precious metals, raw materials, food. For you and the spreads will be more profitable. And it will also be very interesting. Because the broker works with the MetaTrader 4 platform, and everything in it can be customized for yourself, designate your strategy and bots. There are two more expensive tariff plans and the ability, for example, to trade proven cryptocurrency. For all packages, the static spreads stated in the conditions, the ability to trade on the news and the personal manager from technical support are equally valid. You can install the mobile app on your tablet or phone. For all the time, only one moment caused me a real bewilderment. MT4 did not want to install on MacBook. I had to make an emulator and put it on him. I am glad that at the same time the terminal does not fail, and it works without bugs and hanging.
                                                                                                                      1. Igor 24.02.2019
                                                                                                                        Here for 10 months already. A few words for the feedback. All promises broker Capital Hall fulfills, the stated conditions are true and never change. The system works well. All spreads are static, slippages happen. There were no disconnects, and no conflicts with support either. Generally very worthy support. No I / O commission. Account verification must be completed before the first withdrawal. Available for all entry threshold. The execution is very fast, both for opening / closing deals, and for depositing / withdrawing. As for me, the benefits of mass. I am satisfied, several times withdrawn, all on time, promptly.
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