In the context of globalization, the Forex market, as a source of income is rather popular. But brokers' services, without which it is impossible for a private trader to bid, has become a platform for scam. The abundance of advertising and sites offering brokerage services may well be confusing, especially for an inexperienced trader who is at the very beginning of his career.


We will help to avoid mistakes - the most dangerous and ridiculous ones that become a serious obstacle in the first steps of the novice broker path.


 What is hidden behind bright cover?


Advertising is the engine of any business, but it’s not always should be believed in. It’s enough to just think - why do successful brokers get compulsive mailings, cheap Internet resources, stuck together literally on their knees and sounding like a mantra of promise of sky-high incomes with almost no effort?

In the abundance of advertising promises to find the truth is extremely difficult and novice brokers often become victims of the most primitive scam. Moreover, scammers do not necessarily fall under criminal articles. After all, an inexperienced beginner can easily be fooled by hiding the truth behind a whirlwind of smart-sounding phrases and enticing numbers. And he will blame himself. But what for?


Trust but check

Often on the websites of brokerage companies reviews are posted. And, as a rule, these reviews are fake. But, if you look closely, there is little specificity in them. And sometimes the praised qualities are taken absolutely from the ceiling and in no way correspond to what the company offers completely nearby - on another page of the same site. Not everyone knows that online reviews are bought in an elementary way and are not too expensive.

As a result, beginners merge their first deposit before they learn the meaning of the word scam.



Risks in currency trading are divided into trading and non-trading. 

  • With trading, everything is simple - these are the trader's mistakes in market analytics and their consequences, as well as, in part, the result of a certain unpredictability of the market.
  • Non-trading risks can be technical (network failure, for example), political, etc. But at the same time, scam is one of the highest non-trading risks for a beginner.

Inexperience - It Passes

Quite often, young traders clearly see that something is wrong, but do not take the necessary measures. They do not break off cooperation with deceivers and continue to feed them until a completely drain off their own funds. The reason for this is the banal ignorance of alternatives and the inability to find the necessary information.

Over time, such a trader either loses interest in Forex trading, or gains experience at the cost of full cones. But there is a way to navigate the situation faster and easier.

The mission of our site

We create a kind of card index from reviews of brokers operating on the market. It will help traders, both beginners and experienced, get an idea of who is who in the brokerage market. In addition, our website provides overview and training articles on currency trading and the Forex market.

Why is this needed?

  • We are independent;
  • We are impartial;
  • We have enough experience to distinguish truth from deception;
  • We are ready to protect the interests of a young trader.
  • We hope that readers will benefit from the materials we have posted and will be able to navigate the intricacies of the foreign exchange market, as well as the Forex intermediary market.

May your partners be reliable and your transactions successful.

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